The WPC is a world wide professional sports league.

The WPC, in attempts to evolve the sport, will pay out prize money to athletes at every event. As well as revolutionize the way events are produced to create higher entertainment value for spectators and athletes alike.

Athletes can register here to obtain their WPC league membership. Any athlete who has a WPC league membership is eligible to compete in all WPC events around the world.

The WPC is evolving the industry by paying athletes at every event. Anyone can register and anyone can win money, even a first time competitor can win thousands of dollars. The majority of the athletes entrance fees go directly to their category’s prize money and it will be distributed to the overall category winners (not each class). Payouts are based on the number of athletes in your category. The more athletes you are competing against the higher the prize money you are competing for.

The WPC provides 8 competetive categories:
Women’s Model, Athlete, Bikini, Figure.
Men’s Athlete, Physique, Classic, Bodybuilding.

Anyone can compete in the WPC regardless of any affiliation with other federations.

Yes, athletes can register for multiple categories.

All belts are currently vacant and will be up for grabs at select events.

The WPC employs experienced top artists for spray tanning, makeup and hair to provide tv-ready aesthetics. With an industry leading event management app, you will always know exactly when and where you should be.

Yes, any individual will receive 10% commission of ticket sales when your promo code is used online. Businesses or individuals interested in selling tickets please contact us for more details.

The WPC offers customized opportunities for all sponsorship levels. Please click here to learn more.

The WPC is excited to work with event promoters to help grow our brand around the world. Please click here to learn more.

Tested events will be listed as such