Hoami Vu Undaunted

One week after learning about the WPC while visiting our booth at the Miami Fit Expo, Hoami Vu stepped on stage to compete in the Fitness Model division at WPC1. It was her first show, yet her lack of experience and even a basic understanding of what to do to compete in a physique competition didn’t deter her from getting on stage.

It took a tremendous amount of courage to be so publicly vulnerable and compete in an event she knew nothing about, but courageous decisions are part of Hoami’s DNA. Her father fled his home country of Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War and met her Cuban mother while attending university in Slovakia. Years later, Hoami’s mother attempted to flee her native country of Cuba six times so she could live free in America. She finally made it on her seventh attempt.

Despite showing very well in her first WPC contest, Hoami didn’t take home the win. Like her mother and father, she isn’t giving up and is determined to do whatever it takes to be her very best when she steps on stage at WPC2 in Las Vegas on August 18th.

Courage Runs Deep
“My father met my mother in Slovakia. My father left Vietnam after the war, and he went to Slovakia to study and work and build a better future. My mother is Cuban, and she got permission to go to Slovakia to study, and that’s where they met. They married there and went to live in Cuba, where I was born in 1990. When I was two, my father left Cuba to look for a better future for us. The distance didn’t work for them, and they both ended up remarried. At the age of eleven, I went to live in Canada with my father. I later moved to the USA to live with relatives. When I was sixteen years old, my mother tried to cross the waters from Cuba to the USA six times, but she always got caught and sent to jail. The seventh time she made it. She is the bravest woman that I know.”

She Is A Fighter
“I got into martial arts because it’s such a fantastic way to train. You move differently than you do lifting weights, and it gives me energy and makes me happy. I also learned a skill, and that made it more interesting. My dream was to be a professional MMA fighter. I wanted to fight for a living. I would do one-hour of swimming after doing two hours of conditioning and boxing. I was doing one hand push-ups for ten reps like I was doing them with two hands. I would run ten miles two times a week. I was doing four hours of training a day and also taught classes. I had no time for dating because I felt it was a waste of my time. I did this for a year. I overtrained my body, and I didn’t have enough nutrition. I got many injuries, but I learned along the way, how to take better care of my body, and the importance of recovery. I could not pursue my dream as a fighter. The money I was making was not enough, and I needed to get a job. I believe that if I started training when younger, I would have been a great professional fighter. Although I didn’t make it, I learned many things, and that’s just part of my journey. I know I have a lot of great things ahead of me, and I am thankful for it all.”

The Perfect Loser
“I was 22 years old when I met a young man who was a professional athlete. At the time, I thought he was the perfect man. For me, he was my forever, but for him, I was just another girl who wanted him. I remember him saying to me, ‘why would I choose you when I can have professional models?’ At the time, I was a poker dealer, and I did some modeling for photo shoots. He broke my heart by putting me down and making me feel like I was less. I didn’t have the self-respect I have now, nor the character I have built over the years since then. But things were meant to happen that way for me to grow and change. Somehow a whole new life can open up when your heart breaks. Three years later, he contacted me again. He has a wife and kids now, and he told me he wanted me. I have no respect or interest in him.”
How She Ended Up On Stage
“I recently became interested in doing a WPC show when I ran into them at their WPC booth at the Miami Fit Expo. I have never competed, but fitness is one of my strongest passions, so why not compete? One week before the contest, I decided to compete. I’ve been doing a vegan diet and have never have prepared myself for a bodybuilding competition. It was the fantastic energy of CEO Darren and Vice President David, as well the people at the show who welcomed us with optimism that made me choose the WPC. I wish them much success on this journey, and I am grateful to be part of the WPC.”
Las Vegas Here She Comes
“The energy at the Miami show was motivating, inspiring, and they have a strong faith and a great team. I could choose another more established federation, but the energy of the WPC show and people made me want to stick with the WPC and go for the Vegas Show on August 18th in Vegas. I have a lot of faith in this company, and I’m excited to be part of it.”
She Is Learning So She Can Teach
“I am going to win the Vegas competition. I will be prepared this time. I learned a lot at my first show, and I am learning and practicing everything I need to do at the Vegas show. I want to use this knowledge to help someone else in the future that needs help and wants to compete.”

 She Loves Modeling
“I enjoy fitness modeling because I can express who I am. I do not enjoy modeling when I have to be in a music video that does not resonate with my spirit. I am not the type of person to be in a box. I don’t consider myself a model, yet if I do come across projects that do resonates with me, I would, of course, be open to the opportunity.”

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