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It was 2010 when Ana Tigre, frocked sparingly in crystal heels, pristine white and adorned with an angel’s feathers waved goodbye to her adoring fans for the last time and strode gracefully off stage. It was her 25th contest in a career that spanned nearly a decade. In that time she had shared the limelight with many of the sports most notable personalities. That final world championship wasn’t supposed to be her swan song, but it turned out to be. Or so it’s seemed until recently when she learned about the WPC and their exciting and fresh way of doing things and felt the urge to compete again.

Born and raised in Brazil, Ana Tigre chased her dream of being a fashion designer all the way to America. In 1997 she graduated with a degree from FIDM, one of the finest fashion schools in the country, finishing at the top of her class with honors. She fell in love with fitness after that.

While Ana retired a well-known professional athlete, she made her greatest impact on the fitness industry as a published model, a passion she enjoys to this day. She is the owner and designer of Blessed Bodywear, a successful women’s fitness wear company but being a wife and foster mom of three toddlers are her proudest achievements. That and being a woman who has devoted her life to inspiring other women.

It’s been nine years since she has prepared to compete in a fitness contest, but Ana has never stopped living a fit and healthy lifestyle. The moment she decided to call the WPC home, she flipped that well-worn switch, and contest prep began. Ana Tigre will be on stage August 18th in Las Vegas at WPC 2 smiling, happy, and at home again doing what she loves to do.

When She Caught The Competition Bug
“I did my first show in July 2002 because I wanted to set a big goal for myself. I had been working out for a few years at that time and needed some motivation to take my fitness to the next level. I was extremely nervous, and I think I was shaking on stage, but in the end, I loved my experience so much I ended up doing over 25 shows in the next eight years. I did my last contest in August 2010.”

Not Ready To Retire
“I did not plan to retire at my last contest. After my last show, I enjoyed a break from the rigors of contest prep but had plans of competing again. It was then that all kinds of life changes took place. I got married, my business started to grow and demand more of my time, and later we became foster parents and started raising kids. Competing took a back seat to all of those things.”

Contest Prep And Competing Before Kids
“I had the most carefree life and didn’t even realize it. Ha. I was able to be completely selfish and just set my schedule for whatever was best for me. Now, my daily schedule depends on what works for the kids, and I have to train around them and their needs. I have become very organized and my days are structured, yet I have to be flexible because more often than not my workouts get interrupted, or things come up, and I have to do my workout at home instead of the gym.”

Modeling Got Off To A Slow Start
“I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I used to always focused on the areas I needed to improve. That helped me a lot with competing, but it made modeling very challenging. Modeling is acting, and whatever is on your mind is what the camera will see. Releasing all control and allowing yourself to be in the moment and feel the emotions required for a particular shot is the only way to get great pictures. It isn’t something you can pretend to feel. You have actually to be in the moment and feel it. I struggled with all of that for a long time then one day I just decided to let go. That was the beginning of my modeling career and the beginning of my passion for modeling. What I love most is shooting sets that challenge my skills and push me to do something new because when I can get the shot, it is so gratifying. Modeling is a complete escape from the everyday routine of life, business, and kids, and for a few hours, I can get lost in myself and create beautiful memories I will have forever.”

The Kind Of Modeling She Enjoys The Most
“My favorites are editorial and glamour. And I think its because those require the most diversity in expressions and challenge my abilities as well as push me out of my comfort zone. But I do love it all.”

Advice For New And Experienced Models
“I would recommend taking an acting class and learning about “getting into character” as well as dealing with “butterflies” before a shoot. Every new model I have ever coached focusses entirely on their physique, but a good photographer can easily hide those flaws with lighting and the angles from which they shoot the images. What makes a great shot is the ability to express real feelings, and to do that you can’t be nervous or not in character.”

Model Mom
“God blessed us with two little girls that will be our forever daughters in just a few months. And they are GIRLY girls. They like everything sparkly and pink as princesses should. Our oldest is 4, and she said she wants to take pretty pictures like mommy. They have seen some of my modeling pictures and vlogs, but they have not seen me on stage yet. Coming from Brazil, my culture is not self-conscious about showing our bodies or sexually repressed. We are raised to honor, respect, and be proud of our bodies (in all shapes and sizes), and that’s what I teach our daughters. I teach them to Love and accept their body as it is a gift from God. I teach them to eat healthy because it makes them feel good and to exercise because it makes them strong (they love showing us their muscles), and wear what makes them feel beautiful and proud.”

She Has A Heart For Foster Kids That Need Love
“I have always had a heart for adoption, and I did not feel ready to have kids until my late 30s. When my husband and I started talking about having kids, we knew we could not conceive naturally, and neither of us felt in our hearts that IVF was right for us. We started looking into private adoptions, and one day I was talking to a friend and foster care came up. I never thought I would be a foster parent, but when I learned more about it, I just knew it was my calling. My husband felt the same way, so we decided to move forward. Three years and nine children later, I would not trade this experience for anything. It has opened my eyes to so much, and it has been a privilege to take care of these little lives that have no one else to care for them.”

Giving Back
“I have been a part of the fitness industry for almost 20 years (yikes I just felt a little old). I have done over 25 shows, I have modeled for more than ten years now, and I have used my personal brand to build a Fitness Wear company. I am getting back on stage at 44 years old, and the experience will allow me to reach and help so many more women build their brands and achieve their goals on and off the stage. I know my calling is to share my own experiences to help anyone who is looking for a little help, guidance, or even a mentor.”

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