Personal Branding Basics

There was a time when building a personal brand was exclusively the stuff of rock stars, magazine cover models, professional athletes and otherwise made famous people. You needed a publicist, an agent, a manager, and you had to be ready to make a spectacle of yourself to get noticed. In short, you were able to stand out in the crowd only because you, or someone else, had a lot of money to pay for it and a team of professionals to make it happen.

Social media has changed all that. Now you can reach potentially millions of people around the globe without anyone’s help. You only need an Instagram account and a device that connects to the internet, and if you post lots of beautiful and alluring pictures of yourself, plenty of people will follow you and like your posts and in time opportunity will find you and it’s all for free. For many, that’s precisely how it works, and it works well — depending of course on what you put out there and the kind of attention you want to attract and from where and what you are willing to do for money. If it’s just about personal validation at any cost, then it doesn’t matter where the likes and followers come from, or who they are, or what they want, as long as there are a lot of them.

Creating a business with your personal brand, however, requires a more planned and precise approach so that you are sure to attract the right kind of followers and attention. The most valuable followers are the ones you develop a more complex and meaningful relationship with. These people need what you offer, and they choose you to meet that need for them. Those followers traditionally convert into customers at a much higher rate than those that are just there because your images are appealing.

It is crucial then to understand what value you have to offer, who needs it, and how to package it, so it is appealing to your customer. For instance, if you are a trainer working with expecting mothers, you may not want to post provocative pictures of yourself that the husbands of your clients may see.

The WPC provides a platform for our athletes to compete, but we are also committed to helping our athletes be successful off the stage as well. In the months ahead, we will dive more deeply into the subject of personal branding and the business side of being a fitness personality.

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