WPC Judging Criteria

The WPC is not your average physique sports organization. Our judging criteria is unique, and it’s unique for one main reason. We want our athletes to have a better experience.

For WPC athletes that “better experience” translates into opportunities to earn money competing in every show they enter. You don’t need to qualify to be considered a professional so you can compete for prize money. The WPC is earning money, so the top athletes share in those earnings. The definition of a professional is an athlete that can make money in their sport.

The “better experience” also means that the process of preparing to compete should involve less health risk for the athletes. Our judges reward a natural, healthy, and fit appearance, so our athletes don’t feel they have to go to extremes to be competitive. We want as many people as possible to see our WPC athletes so we can create even more opportunities for them. Many of our WPC contests will be broadcast on television, so our judging criteria rewards a look that is more suitable for television audiences. We are also working with potential advertisers and sponsors that work with other sports and athletes but tell us they traditionally avoid the fitness industry because of the extremes.

While the contests are exciting and rewarding events, the benefit to our athletes doesn’t begin and end there. The WPC takes a vested interest in the success of our athletes off the stage as well. We provide on-going education and mentorship on personal branding and business and other fitness industry-related topics. We also take an active role in promoting our athletes through our website, podcast, youtube channel, and social media. In the coming weeks, we will be launching our digital magazine as well.

The WPC is committed to the health, happiness, and success of our athletes. We are also committed to the success of our advertisers and sponsors and in turn, the tremendous and mutually beneficial opportunities they can provide for our athletes.

Women’s Categories – Judging Criteria

Men’s Categories – Judging Criteria

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Terry Goodlad

WPC Media Director, Photographer, Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Business Consultant, Athlete and Elite Coach

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