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Adryann Gent Settles For Her Very Best – WPC Podcast 5

Photo by CJ Smith

She was obese, bullied, and had no friends in school, and the day her family doctor told her she was fat and needed to do something about it was the day she hit rock bottom.

When faced with a situation like that most people give up. Instead, at nine years old, Adryann Gent chose to face her demons and overcome the things that she feared she couldn’t. It became a way of life for her and just a few weeks after her 18th birthday she was in Las Vegas modeling for the WPC and Blessed Bodywear.

She is preparing to compete in WPC2 in Las Vegas on August 18th, and this is her story.

You can follow Adryann Gent on IG at Adryann.fit

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Terry Goodlad

WPC Media Director, Photographer, Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Business Consultant, Athlete and Elite Coach

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