Nigerian Champion Competing At WPC 2 Vegas

His name is Osborne Olabisi Akinola, but he goes by Osborne to the outside world. A man of mystery, perhaps, but more likely it’s just more straightforward than watching people struggle to pronounce a last name that would be said with ease back home. He is Nigerian born and raised, but lives in North Cyprus now. A place he describes as a beautiful island country that stands in sharp contrast to the life and home he left behind.

He got into bodybuilding when he was a teenager and built his gym equipment from car parts and cement. He had a dream back then for a better life, and he made that dream come true through his passion for Fitness and bodybuilding.

At 39 years of age he is a veteran physique sports competitor, a multi-time champion, a personal trainer in Cyprus, and a well-known ambassador for the sport he loves in his community. While he has never married, he is a father to his adopted daughter, a responsibility he lovingly accepted with no hesitation when his only brother tragically passed away. He also provides a home for his sister and mother.

Some men are deemed champions by the trophies and titles they hold and others by the way they live their lives. Osborne is a champion in every sense, and we are honored to have him bring his championship physique to our stage at WPC 2 in Las Vegas on August 18th.

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