How To Prep Your Skin For Optimal Stage Tan Results

A stage tan highlights muscle definition under the bright lights and enhances the athlete/model’s overall presentation. With that being said, a few mistakes with your skin prep could leave you looking splotchy and uneven. Please follow these detailed skin prep instructions to ensure that you will avoid any pitfalls and enjoy the very best in your stage tan results.

The WPC Tan/Hair/Makeup department is lead by Michelle Jeanpierre.  Our team of experts has taken excellent care of competitors for events and photo shoots for over a decade. We have cultivated and mastered techniques that will instill confidence in our clients that they will look and feel their very best every time they step onto the WPC stage.


These are the main things that EVERY competitor should ideally be doing during their competition prep:

  • At least a week before your show (earlier if possible) start exfoliating your skin regularly (don’t forget to get help for your back or any hard to reach areas). This will remove dead skin cells to leave a smoother surface for the tan to sit on. You can use exfoliating gloves and a PH balanced scrub (or you can create this by adding baking soda to body wash). Another favourite to use during the weeks leading up to a show is coconut oil mixed with sugar massaged gently in a circular motion from the neck down.
  • If you do use body wash/baking soda. Please be sure to moisturise your skin thoroughly immediately after exfoliating to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated.
  • Hair removal creams or waxing should be done at least a week prior to the competition. Any regrowth can be shaved the day before the tan. If you’ve never used these methods before please DO NOT start just before your show – do a test at least 8 weeks before to check to make sure that your skin reacts well to it.
  • Any shaving should be done the day before the tan.
  • Apply nail varnish to fingernails and toenails to prevent the tan staining nails. 
  • Tan will not stain nail varnish as we will wipe off any overspray straight away. 
  • Females – if your nails are done/ready for the show this is totally fine. 
  • Men – apply clear varnish and this will protect your nail beds and you can remove it after your competition.


  • You can shower, using only water and an oil free shower gel (like Sanex 0%) and do a gentle exfoliation using exfoliating gloves– try to do this with cool water and a few hours before your tanning appointment time if possible.
  • Do not moisturise, use deodorant, perfume or put any product at all on your skin before your tan – your tan needs to go onto clean clear skin and any products could act as a barrier or react with the tan.
  • When being tanned its best to wear as little as possible to avoid any tan lines.
  • FEMALES – you will be asked to tan nude to avoid any lines. 
  • MALES – you can wear a sock for coverage – or dependent on your competition category you can wear your boxers/briefs.
  • Please remove all jewellery, and it is advisable to remove contact lenses before tanning.
  • You will be in a tent of your own, and you will receive as many coats as necessary to give you the desired look. You will then be moved to another tent with a fan to dry for 5-15mins before you can get dressed.
  • Please wear loose, dark, lightweight old clothing (no red clothing as this can turn the tan green) – Drawstring bottoms with no elastic waistband and clothes a couple of sizes too big are typically best. Ideally you want trousers (not shorts) and long sleeved so there is minimal skin to skin contact. 
  • Please wear flip flops as your only footwear until stage time; but if its Winter or you know your feet will get cold bring big fluffy, soft and loose socks.
  • Don’t shower or rinse off the tan till after the competition, and don’t put any products on your skin (deodorant etc – they will react and turn the tan green!).

If you follow these skin prep instructions it will result in a smoother finish, and an even tan all over the body. Please follow these skin prep instructions with care, and if you have any questions please feel free to email 

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Happy Prepping!

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