WPC Posing Practice

Las Vegas Contest Prep Coach Micheal Healea, owner of Platinum Physiques is hosting a free posing practice for all athletes competing in WPC2 Las Vegas on August 18th.

Micheal and WPC Media Director Terry Goodlad will be on hand to answer questions about the show format, judging, and posing and anything else you may be unsure about. Thank you Micheal for offering this free service to all of the WPC2 competitors!

The schedule is:

  • Friday August 9th at 3pm
  • Wednesday August 14 at 3pm
  • Saturday August 17 at 1:15pm

The location is at Green Valley Las Vegas Athletic Club 9065 South Eastern Ave. Las Vegas (club drop in fee may apply at front desk) 

To find out more about Micheal and Platinum Physiques Click Here

You can register to compete in WPC2 Las Vegas Here

You can buy tickets to watch WPC2 in Las Vegas Here

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Terry Goodlad

WPC Media Director, Photographer, Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Business Consultant, Athlete and Elite Coach

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