Michelle Davis Leads The Way

I first met Michelle Davis at a breakfast business meeting. She called the meeting spot. It was close to her home, a place she frequents. Her home turf. Michelle 1, us 0. She got there early, found her best spot to sit, and was facing the door. That way, she would see us before we saw her, and she could size us up before we got our bearings. Another tactical advantage. Michelle 2, us 0. She greeted us first, and warmly, then started the conversation, and when it was time to get down to brass tacks, she led the way, again. Michelle 5, us 0. She was a study in business negotiations, but the result was the most telling about her character. She came to see what we and the WPC were all about, and she intended on creating a win-win for both sides. She masterfully controlled the entire encounter and walked away with exactly what she wanted.

And that is Michelle Davis in a nutshell. She is a good person, but she is not naive. She is a beautiful and alluring and fit woman, impossible to miss, and she is a businesswoman living in Las Vegas. Her world is rife with sharks and parasites. You have to earn her trust before you get past the strategies and tactics. But once you have been held up to the light, flipped over and shaken, and no holes are exposed; she becomes the most incredibly kind, caring, and supportive person imaginable. She is one of those people that puts a smile on your face with every call, text, and email.

We did this photoshoot at her home, a palatial older estate that is rich in Vegas history. It is a treasure trove of delightful nooks and crannies to place and capture a beautiful model like Michelle. And the woman, she came alive in sharp contrast to the savvy businesswoman I had met that first day. She was vulnerable, sensual, playful, and it was hard to put the camera down and call it a day when the shoot was over. I can’t wait for the next time.

Michelle Davis is coached by Micheal Healea of Platinum Physiques Las Vegas

The Business Woman

I am a very business-driven woman, but modeling brings me into a more fun and vivacious demeanor that I love to transition into.

About Modeling

I’ve been modeling since 2008, and I enjoy seeing myself in a different artistic way that brings out my creativity.

Forever Fit

I always been around a fitness environment with my active parents and growing up playing sports in life but I got involved in the gym when I was 15 while wanting more muscle while throwing shot-put in track and field during my high school years.

Her Sister Is Her Why

My first competition was the Steve Karr Classics 2018 in Las Vegas, and what inspired me to begin competing was from losing my sister Christine to Breast Cancer in 2017. Fitness helped me dearly with dealing with the Sibling Grief that hit me when my sister first passed but now it helps me manage to have more good days than bad days.

What The Stage Means To Her

Competing brings me so much internal happiness to build esteem in order to help other women to reach their goals. Training and prep brings me a lot of positivity to keep a focused and serious mentality in order to grow and learn to keep going and to never quit.

She Loves Her Pets

I have three dogs a Tony Toy Poodle Itsy Bitsy, a Cheweenie named Lola and a Miniature Pinscher called Daily. I have 2 Eclectic Parrots, Einstein and Boujie.

Curves And Muscle

I’ve always been lean, yet I carry curves, so my biggest challenge with maintaining my body fat and not getting too lean or muscular for this upcoming competition is to stay off the scale and stay out of the gym when I need to rest.  Also, enjoying my natural curves and keeping a positive outlook about being a curvier woman is not a bad thing to avoid; it’s actually wonderful!

Why The WPC

I am so excited about the WPC judging criteria because of the creativity right off the bat that I felt was amazing. Also, feeling the sense of freedom to entertain others, marketability, and to strive as a sponsored athlete gives me a whole new sense of confidence in being a bodybuilder.

A Loving Husband

My husband’s support on and off stage has been unbeatable. He has raced in NASCAR and was sponsored by Monster Energy and Circle K, 7up and In N Out to name a few and so he truly understands the lifestyle of a successful traveling athlete. He stands by my side, and he feels my calling as a Bodybuilder has a lot of business opportunities in the future. We’re really excited to travel while I compete in the near future.

This Is A Great Podcast

My live stream podcast is Michelle Davis Fitness live every Thu 1-2pm PST on www.wcobm.tv. I began streaming in 2016, and my love for podcasting and fitness has gone far and beyond just a hobby and now has begun a great side career that has become quite lucrative.  I opened the World Center of Broadcast Media with my husband in 2014 to the local public. WCOBM is where “Social Media Meets TV” and this independent TV podcasting network allows people to buy air time to live stream worldwide.

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Terry Goodlad

WPC Media Director, Photographer, Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Business Consultant, Athlete and Elite Coach

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