Mandy White Coming Back Even Better

Coming off her recent win at WPC 2 in Las Vegas, five years after retiring from competing in fitness competitions, Mandy White brought a strong package to the stage due to a healthier approach to life. She filled the past five years with growth, both spiritual and emotional, and she is much kinder to herself now, and her body. Competing in the WPC meant that she didn’t have to go to the extremes she once did to be ready for the stage, an approach that fits well with life as she sees it now.

A Seasoned Veteran
“I competed for four years with the WBFF as a Pro Diva Fitness Model and also placed number 3 in the world in 2012. I retired in 2014 after developing severe digestive issues from the super strict diets and lacking nutrients. So I decided to take a break and allow my body to heal as well as attend Holistic Nutrition School and learn how to help others get healthy and heal their body.”

Change For The Better
“I wanted the validation from external sources to feel confident and beautiful. Now five years later, I am in a completely different place in my life with a different mindset. I already have everything in me that I need to succeed at anything and to feel confident. I know that beauty is truly from the inside out, and I am perfectly imperfect like everyone else, and we are all beautiful. At 44, I feel more confident in who I am as a woman and who I am not; and I get to choose in every moment how I want to show up and BE.”

Then There Was The WPC
“I felt inspired to step on stage with a federation that is so much more than symmetry and aesthetics and more about the whole package that is healthy, marketable, and attainable for other women. Now I get to show women that there is a healthy way to compete without all the harsh diets and depleting your body! This excites me to know that there is a federation that supports the healthy, sexy, and full look that is even more beautiful!” 

Managing Diet
“The greatest challenge is that my body has LOVED the superfood nutrition that I have used for two years, and as soon as I tried to change it, my body said NO! So I went back to what was working, and my body THRIVES with all the micronutrients it is getting. The other challenge has been not comparing my past stage pictures to my current physique. I get to remind myself that that was NOT healthy and not maintainable.”

Learning, Growing And Sharing
“I love coaching other women, and even more, I love being coachable. I feel I can sometimes be my worst critic and don’t give myself grace or see my self objectively. So I choose mentors and coaches that I trust to give me guidance and feedback so that I can be the best version of me in ALL areas of my life. I know by me being open, coachable, and hungry that I will attract people like that and get the opportunity to grow and evolve. Plus no one ever arrives or is perfect, so there is always room for improvement and growth.”

Leading By Example
“My goal and my why is to show women what is possible with nutrition and not having to deplete or dehydrate their body! I feel better at 44 than ever and would love to inspire women to step up and step on stage and love the body that they are in. When we give our body the nutrients it needs, our bodies love us, and we get to love ourselves too! I aspire to help and support as many women as possible globally, and the WPC platform is going to allow me to do that on a bigger scale! I also get to show the younger generations that it’s not al about comparing themselves to what they see on social media and that their looks don’t define them. We are all so much bigger than that.”

Her Children
“My kids were a little surprised by me deciding to come out of retirement because of what they watched me got through years ago. Now that they have watched me do this in a healthy, maintainable way, they are happy and excited for me.”

On Modeling
“Modeling allows me to see me outside of myself and how others see me. I also get to bring the essence and emotion of me through being in front of the camera. Plus it is fun!”

Faith And Purpose
“I believe in living by example, in my faith with integrity and authenticity. We are all unique and have gifts to share with others. I know that my purpose here is way bigger than me, and it is to make an impact and change lives through health and wellness. I am obsessed with my purpose and vision and getting to use all of my life experiences and knowledge to help others in so many ways, physically and financially.”

Revealing A New Mandy
“I am thrilled to step on stage as a more mature, connected, compassionate, and confident woman who isn’t focused solely on aesthetics and validation. I exude from my heart and will shine bright so that others may see their way out of their darkness. I want to inspire my daughter’s generation that they are more powerful and beautiful than what they compare themselves to on social media. This is about depth, courage, acceptance, and self-love for me.”

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