• WPC 3 In Miami Registration Open No...

    On November 16th the WPC returns to Miami for our final show before the 2020 season. This event promises to be our biggest of the season with athletes registering from around the world. You can register to compete Online Now. Early registrants may be chosen for photoshoots, interviews, video and podcasts leading up to and […]
  • Ana Tigre Back On Stage At 44 Years...

    Ana Tigre retired from physique sports as a professional athlete in 2010 after competing in twenty five contests over nine years in two federations.  While she continues to model she never imagined she would find herself preparing to compete in another show.  When she learned about the WPC and the judging criteria that rewards a […]
  • Interview With Coach Micheal Healea

    WPC Media Director, Terry Goodlad, met with Las Vegas contest prep coach Micheal Healea of Platinum Physiques yesterday to talk about the WPC from a coach’s perspective. The show was broadcast live from the WCOBM studios in Las Vegas compliments of WPC competitor Michelle Davis. Michelle will be competing at WPC 2 in Las Vegas […]
  • Adryann Gent Settles For Her Very B...

    Photo by CJ Smith She was obese, bullied, and had no friends in school, and the day her family doctor told her she was fat and needed to do something about it was the day she hit rock bottom. When faced with a situation like that most people give up. Instead, at nine years old, […]
  • Safe And Sane Contest Prep – ...

    Kevin Myles, author of The Diet That Works, has been a contest prep coach for physique sport athletes for almost four decades.  His approach to getting an athlete ready for a contest is unique in that he set’s realistic expectations then believes in working with the body in a logical way and time-frame rather than […]
  • Adryann Gent Shooting In Vegas

    WPC Fitness Model competitor Adryann Gent is in Las Vegas this weekend shooting for the WPC. The shoot today was Adryann’s second in 2019, and the time she has spent practicing her modeling and acting is showing. This image was taken yesterday inside of City Athletic Boxing, an inner-city boxing gym near the strip in […]
  • WPC Judging Criteria

    The WPC is not your average physique sports organization. Our judging criteria is unique, and it’s unique for one main reason. We want our athletes to have a better experience. For WPC athletes that “better experience” translates into opportunities to earn money competing in every show they enter. You don’t need to qualify to be […]
  • Personal Branding Basics

    There was a time when building a personal brand was exclusively the stuff of rock stars, magazine cover models, professional athletes and otherwise made famous people. You needed a publicist, an agent, a manager, and you had to be ready to make a spectacle of yourself to get noticed. In short, you were able to […]
  • Branding Our WPC Athletes – P...

    The WPC is far more than just a place to compete, we also provide a platform for our athletes to build their personal brand so they can enjoy success off the stage as well as on. In this episode WPC CEO Darren Owen talks about the opportunities the WPC provides for their athletes so they […]
  • WPC Judging Criteria In Detail With...

    The WPC is creating something fresh and exciting in physique sports. It’s a new look that’s fit and healthy and more attainable for the athletes and more sustainable throughout the year. The ever-escalating race for leaner bodies and more muscle is a staple for most physique sports athletes, but it can be very unhealthy as […]
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