• Alejandra Mejia Lives Her Dream At ...

    Born in Medellin, Colombia, Alejandra Mejia came to America with her parents like so many do, to find a better life. In America, as an adult, she had a dream, saw an opportunity to realize it, and with a tremendous work ethic, she is now living that dream. This past Saturday at the James L. […]
  • The WPC Vision – Podcast Epis...

    WPC Co-Founder and CEO Darren Owen is our guest for our inaugural show to explain his vision for the WPC and how it will be different for physique sports competitors and fans.
  • Amazing Host Hotel For WPC Miami

    “I want our WPC athletes to have the very best experience possible when they enter a WPC contest. We chose this hotel because it is luxurious, close to Miami Beach, the Miami airport, as well as many other Miami attractions. The Hyatt Regency Miami is connected to the James L Knight Center, the theatre we […]
  • Visit The WPC Booth At Miami Fit Ex...

    Visit three of our WPC Founders at the Miami Fit Expo on June 8th, just one week before the inaugural WPC Miami Show on June 15th. Darren Owen, Michelle Jeanpierre, and David Loiseau will be in booth #703 to answer the many questions that competitors, fans, and followers have about the WPC. If you are […]
  • EX Nutrition Offers Sponsorships To...

    ALL 8 of our OVERALL category winners will be offered a supplement sponsorship with @exnutritionsupplements, and anyone can use promo code: WPC to receive 30% OFF your entire order. We are so pumped to be able to provide our athletes with discounts and supplement sponsorship opportunities! Some more big announcements are coming soon. Stay tuned! […]
  • White Lion CBD Sponsors WPC Miami

    The WPC proudly announces @whitelioncbd as an official event sponsor! Providing the highest quality CBD that you can find, check out their premium products at www.whitelioncbd.com, and use promo code WPC for a 10% discount. Visit the White Lion CBD website
  • Dripfit Is The Official Sponsor of ...

    We are Super excited to welcome @drip_fit as an official event sponsor for the WPC Miami June 15th! 👏🏻 Dripfit is a topical sweat enhancer that boasts a wealth of health benefits, including the added benefits of coconut oil and magnesium. Magnesium is known as the “master mineral” and is responsible for over 300 metabolic […]
  • Datefit Sponsors WPC Miami

    We are proud to announce @datefitofficial as an official sponsor for the upcoming WPC Miami June 15th! • Couples that motivate each other stay together. With the (always free) Datefit app, you can find your power partner. Potential matches are uniquely tuned to fit with your interests and passions, plus what you’re looking for in […]
  • There’s More To Modeling Than...

    Fitness photographers love working with athletes when they are in peak condition and athletes love to be photographed when they are in top condition around contest time. Those kinds of memories can only be made with months of hard work and sacrifice and the changes made in not just your body, but your life during […]
  • Managing Motivation

    Every athlete has been there. Goals are set, progress is on schedule and what you are seeing in the mirror is on point. Then suddenly one day it sneaks up on you. It’s time to hit the gym to put in some reps or more mind-numbing cardio when the TV and a cozy comforter start […]
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