• What is a Ketogenic Diet?

    A Ketogenic Diet is a diet that removes the great majority of carbohydrates from your daily intake and replaces them with healthy fats and protein. This high-fat, moderate to high-protein, low-carb diet is believed by many to be a healthy and highly effective weight management strategy. The severe reduction of carbohydrates cause the body to […]
  • Should You Do Fasted Cardio?

    You may have heard a lot about “fasted cardio” (if you’re not already doing it). Whether through social media, locker room talk, or a fitness blog, it’s grown in popularity, especially in the competition industry, over the last few years. It’s easy to think that if so many people are doing it there must be […]
  • Personal Branding Basics

    There was a time when building a personal brand was exclusively the stuff of rock stars, magazine cover models, professional athletes and otherwise made famous people. You needed a publicist, an agent, a manager, and you had to be ready to make a spectacle of yourself to get noticed. In short, you were able to […]
  • There’s More To Modeling Than...

    Fitness photographers love working with athletes when they are in peak condition and athletes love to be photographed when they are in top condition around contest time. Those kinds of memories can only be made with months of hard work and sacrifice and the changes made in not just your body, but your life during […]
  • Managing Motivation

    Every athlete has been there. Goals are set, progress is on schedule and what you are seeing in the mirror is on point. Then suddenly one day it sneaks up on you. It’s time to hit the gym to put in some reps or more mind-numbing cardio when the TV and a cozy comforter start […]
  • Can Poor Gut Health Slow Your Progr...

    In the past decade, the focus on gut health by medical researchers has led to the discovery that poor gut health plays a significant role in a plethora of health issues and diseases. In a recent preliminary study performed at the Mayo Clinic Dr. Purna Kashyap, M.B.B.S., a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and co-senior author of […]