• Peak Week And How To Dial It in For...

    Kevin Myles, Author of The Diet That Works and creator of The Contest Preparation Course For Trainers joins us on the WPC Podcast to talk about Peak Week and the pitfalls of managing the final week before the contest.  Debunking the myths and some crazy notions about what “works” we talk about what will work […]
  • WPC Posing Practice

    Las Vegas Contest Prep Coach Micheal Healea, owner of Platinum Physiques is hosting a free posing practice for all athletes competing in WPC2 Las Vegas on August 18th. Micheal and WPC Media Director Terry Goodlad will be on hand to answer questions about the show format, judging, and posing and anything else you may be […]
  • How To Prep Your Skin For Optimal S...

    A stage tan highlights muscle definition under the bright lights and enhances the athlete/model’s overall presentation. With that being said, a few mistakes with your skin prep could leave you looking splotchy and uneven. Please follow these detailed skin prep instructions to ensure that you will avoid any pitfalls and enjoy the very best in […]
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  • When The Lights Go Out!

    There are few things more satisfying than to be appreciated for the effort it takes to accomplish a difficult task. Rewards in life can sometimes be difficult to obtain and often seem few and far between. So when they are received, whether in the form of a check, a trophy, or a simple pat on […]
  • Five Contest Prep Mistakes That Lea...

    When it comes to preparing for a physique show there is more than one approach to getting the results that you desire. Taking the stage looking and feeling your very best is directly related to what you do in the weeks, months, and sometimes even years prior to that moment. Equally important to understand is […]
  • Safe And Sane Contest Prep – ...

    Kevin Myles, author of The Diet That Works, has been a contest prep coach for physique sport athletes for almost four decades.  His approach to getting an athlete ready for a contest is unique in that he set’s realistic expectations then believes in working with the body in a logical way and time-frame rather than […]
  • WPC Judging Criteria

    The WPC is not your average physique sports organization. Our judging criteria is unique, and it’s unique for one main reason. We want our athletes to have a better experience. For WPC athletes that “better experience” translates into opportunities to earn money competing in every show they enter. You don’t need to qualify to be […]
  • WPC Judging Criteria In Detail With...

    The WPC is creating something fresh and exciting in physique sports. It’s a new look that’s fit and healthy and more attainable for the athletes and more sustainable throughout the year. The ever-escalating race for leaner bodies and more muscle is a staple for most physique sports athletes, but it can be very unhealthy as […]