WPC 2 Registration And Tickets

WPC 2 in Las Vegas on August 18th will be televised on Cox, a milestone in physique sports as that level of exposure is extremely rare, but it’s something you can expect to see often with the WPC.

This event promises to be a big one with athletes registering from around the USA as well as Europe, the Middle East, and South America so far.

You can register to compete Online Now. Early registrants may be chosen for photoshoots, interviews, video and podcasts leading up to and after the contest in Las Vegas so register to compete in Las Vegas soon!

See information on WPC Women’s competitive categories HERE

See information on WPC Men’s competitive categories HERE

See information on WPC Prize Money HERE

Tickets for WPC 2 in Las Vegas available HERE NOW

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Terry Goodlad

WPC Media Director, Photographer, Writer, Vlogger, Podcaster, Business Consultant, Athlete and Elite Coach

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