• Mandy White Coming Back Even Better

    Coming off her recent win at WPC 2 in Las Vegas, five years after retiring from competing in fitness competitions, Mandy White brought a strong package to the stage due to a healthier approach to life. She filled the past five years with growth, both spiritual and emotional, and she is much kinder to herself […]
  • WPC 2 Medals

    Just two days away from WPC 2 in Las Vegas last minute preparations for WPC staff and athlete are at a fever pitch in Sin City’s 108 degree heat. “Everything is in place and we are ready for an incredible show on Sunday night” said Darren Owen, WPC’s CEO who has been on the ground […]
  • Michelle Davis Leads The Way

    I first met Michelle Davis at a breakfast business meeting. She called the meeting spot. It was close to her home, a place she frequents. Her home turf. Michelle 1, us 0. She got there early, found her best spot to sit, and was facing the door. That way, she would see us before we […]
  • Peak Week And How To Dial It in For...

    Kevin Myles, Author of The Diet That Works and creator of The Contest Preparation Course For Trainers joins us on the WPC Podcast to talk about Peak Week and the pitfalls of managing the final week before the contest.  Debunking the myths and some crazy notions about what “works” we talk about what will work […]
  • Just Added – Cover Model Sear...

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT  The WPC has just added a MEN’S and WOMEN’S COVER MODEL SEARCH at the WPC 2 LAS VEGAS event that will be happening this Sunday AUGUST 18TH at the Tropicana!  All show entries will be interviewed by fitness icon Monica Brant and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.  This event is open to anyone, and […]
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  • UFC Superstars Go Head To Head At W...

    UFC Superstars Stephan Bonnar and Tom Lawlor will be squaring off at WPC 2 in Las Vegas, this Sunday, August 18th, at the Tropicana. When the MMA superstars Bonnar and Lawlor heard about the WPC, the discussion began about which fighter has the better body and which would be the better model. Bonnar fired the […]
  • WPC Posing Practice

    Las Vegas Contest Prep Coach Micheal Healea, owner of Platinum Physiques is hosting a free posing practice for all athletes competing in WPC2 Las Vegas on August 18th. Micheal and WPC Media Director Terry Goodlad will be on hand to answer questions about the show format, judging, and posing and anything else you may be […]
  • Ana De La O Finding Her Way In Amer...

    Just days before her WPC debut in Las Vegas August 18th, Ana De La O took time away from her strict contest prep regimen and the unenviable task of moving her entire life to a new home, to do a photo shoot. She didn’t complain about the intense Las Vegas heat or the time it […]
  • How To Prep Your Skin For Optimal S...

    A stage tan highlights muscle definition under the bright lights and enhances the athlete/model’s overall presentation. With that being said, a few mistakes with your skin prep could leave you looking splotchy and uneven. Please follow these detailed skin prep instructions to ensure that you will avoid any pitfalls and enjoy the very best in […]
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  • Nigerian Champion Competing At WPC ...

    His name is Osborne Olabisi Akinola, but he goes by Osborne to the outside world. A man of mystery, perhaps, but more likely it’s just more straightforward than watching people struggle to pronounce a last name that would be said with ease back home. He is Nigerian born and raised, but lives in North Cyprus […]
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