• WPC 2 Medals

    Just two days away from WPC 2 in Las Vegas last minute preparations for WPC staff and athlete are at a fever pitch in Sin City’s 108 degree heat. “Everything is in place and we are ready for an incredible show on Sunday night” said Darren Owen, WPC’s CEO who has been on the ground […]
  • Just Added – Cover Model Sear...

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT  The WPC has just added a MEN’S and WOMEN’S COVER MODEL SEARCH at the WPC 2 LAS VEGAS event that will be happening this Sunday AUGUST 18TH at the Tropicana!  All show entries will be interviewed by fitness icon Monica Brant and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.  This event is open to anyone, and […]
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    • 5 Days ago
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  • UFC Superstars Go Head To Head At W...

    UFC Superstars Stephan Bonnar and Tom Lawlor will be squaring off at WPC 2 in Las Vegas, this Sunday, August 18th, at the Tropicana. When the MMA superstars Bonnar and Lawlor heard about the WPC, the discussion began about which fighter has the better body and which would be the better model. Bonnar fired the […]
  • Nigerian Champion Competing At WPC ...

    His name is Osborne Olabisi Akinola, but he goes by Osborne to the outside world. A man of mystery, perhaps, but more likely it’s just more straightforward than watching people struggle to pronounce a last name that would be said with ease back home. He is Nigerian born and raised, but lives in North Cyprus […]
  • Shooting Ana De La O

    She carries herself with unusual grace, poise, elegance, and her quiet reserve piques one’s curiosity. You can’t help but look closer. She has the face of a child, yet there is a strength and resolve only a fool would misjudge. She loves her father and her family, and the walls are there to honor them, […]
  • Interview With Coach Micheal Healea

    WPC Media Director, Terry Goodlad, met with Las Vegas contest prep coach Micheal Healea of Platinum Physiques yesterday to talk about the WPC from a coach’s perspective. The show was broadcast live from the WCOBM studios in Las Vegas compliments of WPC competitor Michelle Davis. Michelle will be competing at WPC 2 in Las Vegas […]
  • Adryann Gent Shooting In Vegas

    WPC Fitness Model competitor Adryann Gent is in Las Vegas this weekend shooting for the WPC. The shoot today was Adryann’s second in 2019, and the time she has spent practicing her modeling and acting is showing. This image was taken yesterday inside of City Athletic Boxing, an inner-city boxing gym near the strip in […]
  • UFC Legend Frank Mir Joins Monica B...

    Frank Mir’s legendary Mixed Martial Arts career has spanned 18 years, a prodigious feat on its own given the violent and demanding nature of being one of the top professional fighters worldwide throughout his career. While the former UFC Belt Holder is a nightmare for his opponents in the cage, he is a consummate professional […]
  • Fitness Legend Monica Brant Joins T...

    At one point we tried counting all of the magazine covers, feature articles, and layouts Monica Brant had earned over her almost three decades in the fitness industry, but there were too many to count. Then we tried to list all of the athletes, coaches, photographers, writers, and business people that she helped become successful […]
  • Amazing Host Hotel For WPC Miami

    “I want our WPC athletes to have the very best experience possible when they enter a WPC contest. We chose this hotel because it is luxurious, close to Miami Beach, the Miami airport, as well as many other Miami attractions. The Hyatt Regency Miami is connected to the James L Knight Center, the theatre we […]
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