• Mandy White Coming Back Even Better

    Coming off her recent win at WPC 2 in Las Vegas, five years after retiring from competing in fitness competitions, Mandy White brought a strong package to the stage due to a healthier approach to life. She filled the past five years with growth, both spiritual and emotional, and she is much kinder to herself […]
  • Michelle Davis Leads The Way

    I first met Michelle Davis at a breakfast business meeting. She called the meeting spot. It was close to her home, a place she frequents. Her home turf. Michelle 1, us 0. She got there early, found her best spot to sit, and was facing the door. That way, she would see us before we […]
  • Ana De La O Finding Her Way In Amer...

    Just days before her WPC debut in Las Vegas August 18th, Ana De La O took time away from her strict contest prep regimen and the unenviable task of moving her entire life to a new home, to do a photo shoot. She didn’t complain about the intense Las Vegas heat or the time it […]
  • Shooting Ana De La O

    She carries herself with unusual grace, poise, elegance, and her quiet reserve piques one’s curiosity. You can’t help but look closer. She has the face of a child, yet there is a strength and resolve only a fool would misjudge. She loves her father and her family, and the walls are there to honor them, […]
  • Adryann Gent Shooting In Vegas

    WPC Fitness Model competitor Adryann Gent is in Las Vegas this weekend shooting for the WPC. The shoot today was Adryann’s second in 2019, and the time she has spent practicing her modeling and acting is showing. This image was taken yesterday inside of City Athletic Boxing, an inner-city boxing gym near the strip in […]
  • Shooting Hoami Vu

    Key Biscayne, Florida, is a delightfully peaceful bedroom community just moments from the hustle and bustle of downtown Miami. There’s a bridge you must cross to get there that spans more than the waters. It’s a passageway to tranquility and perhaps another time, contrasted by the gregarious and at times manic city it leaves in […]
  • Ana Tigre Unfinished Business

    It was 2010 when Ana Tigre, frocked sparingly in crystal heels, pristine white and adorned with an angel’s feathers waved goodbye to her adoring fans for the last time and strode gracefully off stage. It was her 25th contest in a career that spanned nearly a decade. In that time she had shared the limelight […]
  • Hoami Vu Undaunted

    One week after learning about the WPC while visiting our booth at the Miami Fit Expo, Hoami Vu stepped on stage to compete in the Fitness Model division at WPC1. It was her first show, yet her lack of experience and even a basic understanding of what to do to compete in a physique competition […]
  • There’s More To Modeling Than...

    Fitness photographers love working with athletes when they are in peak condition and athletes love to be photographed when they are in top condition around contest time. Those kinds of memories can only be made with months of hard work and sacrifice and the changes made in not just your body, but your life during […]