The WPC is poised to change the way Physique Competitions operate and generate revenue, and your company can be on the forefront of our exciting new expedition.

The WPC will meld TV, Internet, and athlete-based platforms, providing sponsors with opportunity for increased visibility at a lower cost than industry competitors. Direct marketing, tertiary and incidental visibility, as well as a consistent push for our sponsor partners is a top priority for the WPC.

With our success and expansion will come success for our sponsors. Whether it is direct brand marketing at the event, tie-ins to live and sizzle-reel video, or TV brand-integration, those who choose to work with the WPC will be rewarded with strong brand recognition by both athletes and fans.

At WPC, we want our sponsors getting the most out of their marketing dollar. That is why we are tireless in our market research for effective campaigns; which will include sponsors where applicable. As any company knows, it is not merely that a potential customer sees your brand. What matters is that the right potential customers see your brand as often as possible in the most positive light.

WPC’s goal is to assure each instance of opportunity utilizes online integrated brand-page-linking or brand-to-athlete linking, and minimizing the steps potential customers will take to purchase a product. By doing so, WPC assures our sponsor partners that the fans and athletes will have every opportunity available to turn their passing interest into an active interest.

A good company never forgets who supported their efforts early; and as WPC grows over the coming years we will make sure to do right by those who joined us early. We look forward to you being a part of our team, as we break new ground and change Physique Competitions forever. Please email us for more info here